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What Sets The Oneplus 9R Apart From Other Smartphones

Oneplus 9R, the latest flagship by OnePlus, is now readily available for sale in Canada and the UK! The popular new smartphone from Oneplus is now the bestselling smartphone in the entire world, with more than 60% of its total global sales coming from Canada. If you reside in one of these countries, you could definitely buy it straight from OnePlus.

The Oneplus 9R is basically the enhanced oneplus 9rversion of the Oneplus 2, which had really taken the mobile market by storm a few months back. The 2 was one of the most talked about phones of all times in terms of performance and features, and the Oneplus 9R manages to top it all off once again. The device comes with almost all the features of the original Oneplus 2, including the fast charging, wireless charging and microSD slot for additional memory. The Oneplus 9R comes with two variants – one in white and one in black – each of which packs quite a punch.

Apart from the already mentioned fast charging and wireless charging, the Oneplus 9R also packs in a ton of features that most people would expect from a smartphone these days. There’s front and rear facing cameras, a decent amount of memory space, a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, a proximity sensor and of course, the standard Oneplus indicator kit – a proximity sensor, LED light, clock, etc. The Oneplus range of phones also supports the Air Gesture technology, which allows users to perform several actions on their devices just by using their facial movements. The Oneplus R doesn’t support this yet, as it is still working on some of the earlier version of the software that is used in other handsets. The screen size has been slightly increased, which means that the phone is easier to use if you’re typing on a smaller keyboard.

The Oneplus 9R has an impressive battery life, which can last you through a whole day with no recharging. This is thanks to the Quick Charge feature, which allows you to get your smartphone charging within a matter of minutes. If you’re thinking about buying this model, then you should take a look at the low prices that you will be able to find this kind of phone.

One way in which the Oneplus 9R can save you money is through its image 2.0 camera. The phone has both an external and internal camera, which means that you can take great pictures of your friends and family without having to buy new cameras. If you are looking to save money on this handset, then you could always choose to go with a simple and low-cost contract deal, as this will allow you to enjoy free accessories including the camera. It’s important to note that these deals are generally only available from specific network providers, so make sure you check with your current provider first.

An impressive selling point for the Oneplus 9R comes from its stunning appearance, which has led to it being named as one of the best smartphones of this year. Apart from this, the Oneplus 9R has a full metal body, meaning that this model is a perfect choice for those who want an attractive phone. It comes with a stylish leather-clad screen and a high-definition image sensor, meaning that it provides a crystal clear viewing experience no matter what you’re doing. The high-end processor inside the Oneplus 9R also helps to boost the phone’s speed, memory and battery life, meaning that users don’t have to worry about their phones running out of power during a long day of activity.